2019 DT|UX Summit at
Singapore Polytechnic

Craig Vogel, President of the Live Well, and Linda Dunseath, Executive Director of the Live Well, recently attended the DT|UX Summit at Singapore Polytechnic. The 10th DT|UX Summit aimed to help both private and public entities consider issues and strategies that can be used to design an enhanced user experience across multiple sectors and industries as they continue to be disrupted by game changers on many fronts.

There were two topics of discussion at the event:

The New Global Digital Service Economy

We are now living and working in the New Global Digital Service Economy. Because of this, the Live Well Collaborative has been evolving to integrate this new global thinking into their work in health and wellness across the lifespan.

How to Integrate New Methods and Strategies into Health and Wellness

Using case studies, the workshop series as part of the DT|UX Summit describes methods and processes which utilize co-design to develop solutions in human-centered, empathic healthcare.


Singapore Polytechnic

DT|UX Summit: Transforming a Better User Experience in the Age of Industry & Service 4.0