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We understand that sometimes you need outside resources to assist your organization when faced with the following challenges.

Limited Time + Resources

Your company lacks the time and resources to develop product and service solutions for living well across the lifespan.


Seeking Fresh Perspective

Your team is too close to the problem, causing them to lose their creative edge.


Intellectual Property

Your organization owns all intellectual property developed during the course of a studio project.


Fast Turnaround

Your team has a short project timeline and needs fast product and service conceptualization.

Partner Benefits

Join Us as a Co-op

Make An Impact Through Design

University of Cincinnati students are vital to the Live Well Collaborative's success. The Live Well has worked with over a thousand students, each coming from different disciplines and providing different insights. This leads to unique professional experiences that help students further develop their skills.


Cade Moon

Industrial Design Co-op

“As a design student with prior experience as a co-op within the industry, I have enjoyed being at LiveWell for its exceptional work culture and values. Working as a LiveWell Design Research Co-op, I have encountered a truly distinctive environment that fosters growth and exploration. What sets LiveWell apart is its encouragement of cross-functional collaboration, affording me the chance to expand my expertise beyond my core discipline. This inclusive approach has enriched my skill set and deepened my understanding of research as well as user experience within the design industry.”


Grace Nunn

Communication Design Co-op

"As a first-time co-op at Live Well, I've had the opportunity to develop valuable professional skills within a collaborative work environment. This experience has been particularly unique as it provided me with the chance to cross-pollinate ideas, enhancing both my design abilities and communication skills across various platforms. Additionally, I've improved on my ability to synthesize information effectively and conduct thorough research. I'm excited to continue my journey of learning and professional growth."


Harrison Smith

Architecture Co-op

"Working at Live Well has deeply affected my values as a designer and person. Coming from an architecture background, I could not have been more excited to start in a user experience research role, combining my passion for design, inclusivity and accessibility. I believe that through empathetic design research, we positively impact how people experience the physical and digital world around them."


Wesley Dosch

Industrial Design Co-op

“Live Well’s multidisciplinary approach to research and design has given me the opportunity to grow as a designer in both my own approach as well as skill sets I’m not typically exposed to at more traditional co-ops. LWC has made me more confident in designing for others through the co-creation process of design, and I’m excited to get out in the field to continue collaborating more.”

Join Us as a Research Fellow

The framework of the Live Well is a new hybrid that integrates traditional project teams under a studio model, with the structure and titles more commonly found in research labs in engineering and the sciences. This model is part of the new framework that represents the processes evolving in corporations in R&D, as well as levels 3 and 4 of translational research. Both R&D and translational research models are attempting to integrate design thinking to increase scope and decrease cycle time from concept to solution.

Fellowship cycles run on academic calendars. Applications are ongoing.


Alex Gao

Design Research Fellow

“I first learned about Live Well even before I arrived in the United States to pursue my studies at UC. The organization's diverse array of projects and sponsors is truly unparalleled and impossible to find elsewhere. It has been an absolute dream come true for me to finally have the opportunity to work here...The dynamic and multidisciplinary setting within Live Well has provided me with the unique privilege of collaborating with experts from a wide range of backgrounds. This collaboration has consistently sparked innovative ideas and solutions, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in design.“


Anabel Graciela

Senior User Experience Fellow

"During my time at Live Well, I've come to understand the significance of balancing the diverse needs of different stakeholders and highlighting the importance of inclusive and accessible design throughout our process. I believe that by prioritizing users' needs & perspectives, we can create services and products that seamlessly enhance the experience for everyone involved."