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We understand that sometimes you need outside resources to assist your organization when faced with the following challenges.


Limited Time + Resources

Your company lacks the time and resources to develop product and service solutions for living well across the lifespan.


Seeking Fresh Perspective

Your team is too close to the problem, causing them to lose their creative edge.


Intellectual Property

Your organization owns all intellectual property developed during the course of a studio project.


Fast Turnaround

Your team has a short project timeline and needs fast product and service conceptualization.

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Make An Impact Through Design

University of Cincinnati students are vital to the Live Well Collaborative's success. The Live Well has worked with over a thousand students, each coming from different disciplines and providing different insights. This leads to unique professional experiences that help students further develop their skills.


Abbie Howell

Communication Design Co-op

"My favorite memories so far have included the activities we do together in the studio and the emphasis we place on collaboration. I’ve really enjoyed getting to work with a range of different people because of the unique things I learn from each of my team members. I’ve learned a lot about the strategy behind design and have grown my storytelling skills, all while utilizing a user-centered mindset."


Luxi Yang

Industrial Design Co-op

“The rich resources, the delightful complexity of projects and a dynamic team at Live Well provide a great soil for aspiring design researchers and innovators. We got to conduct in-depth contextual inquiries with end users and ideate design solutions together with industry leaders. I absolutely loved this experience.”


Frankie Matthews

Communication Design Co-op

“Live Well has created a vibrant work atmosphere that has allowed me as a graphic designer to gain direct face-to-face experience with major clients. Working as a motion designer, I was able to work through a full animation project. From scripting to storyboarding all the way through to its publishing, Live Well offered me the opportunity to touch every step of the process, leading to a fully immersive, well-rounded experience.”


Shahar Ahmad

Industrial Design Co-op

“Throughout my time at LiveWell I have had the opportunity to learn a lot more about the design research process and learn how important it is. This semester I did a lot of interviewing for both projects so I was able to learn how to create an effective interview guide, synthesize data and create insights from data.”

Join Us as a Research Fellow

The framework of the Live Well is a new hybrid that integrates traditional project teams under a studio model, with the structure and titles more commonly found in research labs in engineering and the sciences. This model is part of the new framework that represents the processes evolving in corporations in R&D, as well as levels 3 and 4 of translational research. Both R&D and translational research models are attempting to integrate design thinking to increase scope and decrease cycle time from concept to solution.

Fellowship cycles run on academic calendars. Applications are ongoing.


Babaljit Kaur

Research Fellow

"As a I designer I value work that is accessible, rich in purpose, and functional. Live Well has given me the opportunity to create work that aligns with my passions, and I'm able to impact the lives of others. I've been able to grow my skill set in research, design thinking, and storytelling to become a more empathetic and user-centered designer."


Alexis Begnoche

Research Fellow

“I’ve been most surprised about the amount of amazing work that can get accomplished when working with a large, multi-disciplinary team. Working across projects makes you realize just how much room there is to learn and grow. It’s fun to flex your skills and see how they apply to different projects.”


Alejandro Lozano Robledo

Research Fellow

"My favorite memory from my time at Live Well is when I was chosen to travel to Seattle with the Live Well team in order to present the final concepts for the Boeing project, out of which one of my concepts was patented. This was a fantastic experience since I had the chance to culminate an entire semester of group work at Live Well and present our collective work to a highly specialized audience at Boeing’s headquarters. I also had a chance to tour their world-class facilities and learn more about their mission as a company."


Jay Heyne

Research Fellow

"Digital whiteboarding is the skill I will value most from Live Well, because it allows clients and teams into interactive spaces that make digital collaboration feel like physical collaboration. Live Well has stayed agile in design research and ideation by creating new techniques within these mediums. What I did not expect was how useful these tools still were during physical collaboration. It added an extra layer. I will be carrying the creative ways my co-workers and I have overcome this new era of work throughout my career.”

Join Us as a Faculty Advisor


Become the inspiration and provide guidance for multidisciplinary teams as they develop product, service, and system solutions for studio sponsors.

Faculty cycles run on academic calendars. Applications are ongoing.

Faculty Advisor Application