Taking on the complexities and challenges of living well across the lifespan.

What We Do

Our vision at the Live Well is to create positive change in the lives of those we design for. By practicing our values, we will move our community forward through life-changing solutions. Our expertise and core competencies are translated through three main capabilities:

Product + Service Design
Implementing our design thinking process.
Design Education
Leading design thinking workshops.
User-Centered Research
Developing user insights.

Who We Are

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Located in
Cincinnati, OH.

Students and Faculty from
the University of Cincinnati’s
nationally ranked programs.

Multidisciplinary teams utilizing a design thinking approach.

Our Current

Cincinnati Children's
Hospital Medical Center

Improving the AYA Cancer Journey

Redesigning the Palliative Care Journey

Technology Assisted Language Intervention

Sickle Cell Educational Materials Redesign

Council on Aging
Procter & Gamble

Our Current


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Faculty Advisors


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Happy Partners

Work With Us

Experience our design thinking process by becoming a partner, accepting a cooperative learning position, or participating in one of our user-centered research sessions.

As a Partner

Are you looking for design solutions? Join the Live Well team as a partner to run studios that match your unique design needs.

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As a Faculty Advisor or Co-op

Push ideas and methodologies learned in the classroom to new levels by working directly with stakeholders and partners, from the research phase to final outputs.

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As a Research Fellow

Fellowship at the Live Well provides an unmatched opportunity to advance your career goals and design skillset through growth and leadership.

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