Our Story

The Live Well Collaborative is dedicated to conducting leading-edge user research which is translated into desired solutions that meet the complexities of living well across the lifespan. Merging an unparalleled academia and industry model with our vetted design process, we co-create uniquely designed solutions for all users.

The University of Cincinnati (UC) and Procter and Gamble (P&G) founded the Live Well in 2007 as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Live Well has since provided a unique multidisciplinary team composed of faculty and students from UC’s top-ranking colleges to offer its industry partners cutting-edge design expertise.

Since its establishment, the Live Well has successfully completed close to 100 projects in a wide variety of industries, with a mission to develop breakthrough innovations for consumers across their lifespan. The Live Well Collaborative is an expert in the 50+ market and continues to expand its capabilities by partnering with leading organizations in healthcare, travel, and consumer goods. The Live Well has become a design asset to the industry and consistently delivers through project success.

Our Process Model

During 15-week semesters, the Live Well Collaborative uses a validated design thinking process to translate user-centered research into products and services that meet the needs of the end-user. ​

​We work quickly, completing projects in 15 weeks (one University of Cincinnati semester) to efficiently prototype possible solutions. Our process model is divided into three phases: research, ideation and refinement. We value co-creation and user testing during each phase to better understand key stakeholders. And, we merge design tools with new technologies to gain rich insights and expose clients ​to new problem-solving methods.

Our Team

The Live Well is comprised of teams that are driven by co-ops, coordinated and led by research fellows, and advised by faculty from the University of Cincinnati.


Executive Director
Gabe Botkins
Design Research Lead

UC Faculty Advisors

Dr. Bain Butcher
UC DAAP, College of Medicine
Todd Timney
UC DAAP Communication Design
Brooke Brandewie
UC DAAP Fashion Design
Craig Vogel
UC DAAP School of Design
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Research Fellows/Staff

Anabel Graciela
Post Grad Design Research
Rui Pang
Post Grad Design Research
Sophia Mathioudakis

Post Grad Design Research

Shelby Schaffer

Post Grad Design Research

Current Co-ops

Cassidy Finley
Communication Design
Frankie Matthews
Communication Design
Rachel Centers
Communication Design
Claire Minton
Communication Design
Hudson Leroux
Industrial Design
Delaney Burke
Industrial Design
Nathan Brunner
MS Marketing

Our Board

Board of Directors

Gerard Baillely
Procter & Gamble
Suzanne Burke
Council on Aging
Matthew Doyle
Procter & Gamble,
Live Well Vice President
Oliver Rhine
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Susana Luzuriaga
University of Cincinnati
Charles Sox
University of Cincinnati
Terrence J. (Jerry) Porter
Procter & Gamble
Craig Vogel
University of Cincinnati
Live Well President
Phillip Diller, MD, PHD
University of Cincinnati

Other Officers

Michelle Duever
Procter & Gamble
Live Well Treasurer
Linda Dunseath
Live Well Collaborative
Live Well Secretary

Our Partners

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2020 Fast Company Awards


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Purposeful design is at the forefront of our mission at Live Well. By putting our users’ needs first, we add meaning to everything we create.

Our vision at the Live Well is to create positive change in the lives of those we design for. By practicing our values, we will move our community forward through life-changing solutions.

This is at the heart of everything we do at
Live Well.

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Work With Us

Experience our design thinking process by becoming a partner, accepting a cooperative learning position, or participating in one of our user-centered research sessions.

As a Partner

Are you looking for design solutions? Join the Live Well team as a partner to run studios that match your unique design needs.

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As a Faculty Advisor or Co-op

Push ideas and methodologies learned in the classroom to new levels by working directly with stakeholders and partners, from the research phase to final outputs.

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As a Research Fellow

Fellowship at the Live Well provides an unmatched opportunity to advance your career goals and design skillset through growth and leadership.

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