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Easing anxieties due to unfamiliarities with a new Oncology Facility

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CincinnatiChildren’s Liberty Campus is a is a full-service hospital with 42 inpatient beds, a full complement of support services, including new cancer services that opened in 2016. Located at the Liberty Campus, the Proton Therapy Center is one of the most advanced proton research and cancer treatment centers in the world.

Despite the convenience of its location to many of our patients and families, there was a general hesitance from many to schedule services at the new, state-of-the-art facility, instead defaulting to the comforts of familiarity atChildren’s main campus in Cincinnati. 

LiveWell Team

1 Faculty Advisor
3 Fellows
6 Graduate Students
3 Co-Ops

Multidisciplinary Clinical Team

Women on laptop exploring the VR tour
System and blue print map of a floor the Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus pointing out various locations and a descriptionPerson on ipad exploring the VR Tour


Helping more of Cincinnati Children’s existing oncology patients and families, who reside closer to the new Liberty Campus, feel comfortable scheduling services at the new facility.


Taking time to schedule an in-person tour of the new facility is an additional burden to our oncology patients and families who already have hectic therapy schedules. 


The solution needs to allow any user to easily navigate the environment and familiarize themselves with the space. 


The solution needs to provide the same comforts of having an in-person tour guide.



Over 60 areas dedicated to the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institutewe documented—including inpatient rooms, family lounge and resource center,child life activity center, and the nation’s only proton therapy center with adedicated research gantry—providing helpful familiarity to anxious, but curiouspatients and their families prior to their arrival. 

Different Tours

A total of 5 different virtual reality tours were created to simulate what it is like to move around and through an environment as if you’re actually there. 

Months Spent

It took over six months of design and development to finalize the virtual tour

What We Did
User Testing
VR Development
UI/UX Design
Character Design

At the Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus, 360° photos were taken in over 60 locations
Exploring various animation styles for the character and virtual reality interaction
Snippet of code used for development of the virtual reality app


An easy-to-use, immersive, Virtual Reality (VR) tour of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute’s (CBDI) facilities at Cincinnati Children’s new Liberty Campus, providing a sense of familiarity to our patients and families prior to their arrival. 

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Aimed at reducing the anxiety that is commonly experienced when faced with visiting a new place, the virtual tour of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Liberty Campus allows our visitors to see inside our facilities prior to their arrival via the convenience of their computer, tablet, mobile phone, or a VR headset. Our Inpatient Tour show provides virtual access to the family first atmosphere and unique spaces we’ve created to support the whole family during an inpatient stay. Our Outpatient Tour takes our patients and families from their parked car to the unit with a few fun stops along the way, providing a helpful overview of the numerous services available to them during their visit. Our Proton Tour brings you inside the Proton Therapy Center, which offers the most sophisticated technology available, providing new hope for children battling the most challenging cancer. 

Character from the VR app, Robbie the Robot
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