Cincinnati Children’s Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute (CBDI) + Live Well Collaborative (LWC)

Transforming the cancer patient and family experience by design

Understanding DiagnosisNavigating CareAssuring Lifelong Success

Understanding Diagnosis

Empowering patients and their families to make the best healthcare decisions by transforming the delivery of information.
Hearing that a child has been diagnosed with cancer is always difficult. Effective communication is necessary to not only deliver information and facilitate cancer care delivery, but to also support patient and family coping and well-being. We continue to look for innovative ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of information delivery in support of shared knowledge and decision-making between patients, families, and their medical team.

Navigating Care

Helping patients and their families adhere to their treatment plans and successfully navigate the healthcare system, in order to ensure improved clinical outcomes and enhanced value.
Quality and value of care requires thoughtful and timely navigation of complex, customized plans. Improving access to cancer services, improving the timeliness of the delivery of these services, and a strong provision of support and guidance to patients and their families is at the heart of quality care navigation. We continue to look for innovation ways to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of each patient’s individual cancer journey in order to ensure improved clinical outcomes and enhanced value. 

Assuring Lifelong Wellness

Extending support systems throughout the cancer continuum, from prevention and screening through post-treatment and survivorship.