Our Work

A design led, research based, and patient centric approach to improving the cancer patient and family experience.

Consecutive Semesters

CBDI’s commitment to creating an innovation lab for focusing on continuous improvement across the patient journey has made these results possible.

Compassionate Solutions

The empathetic co-design process has prompted the creation of solutions that empower patients and families to make informed decisions about their care.


Oncology patients and their families, medical practitioners and our multidisciplinary design teams are at the core of our quality improvement process.

Video Animation - 21
UX/UI - 6
System Mapping- 3
Print - 2
Virtual Reality - 2
Product - 1
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Ideal Patient Care
Spring 2015
Journey map to understand the optimal oncology journey for patients caregivers and clinical teams.
CBDI Microsite
Spring 2021
Designing a responsive micro-site to showcase the portfolio of innovative projects over the years.


What is Leukemia
Summer 2015
Explains Leukemia to families who may need a simplified source for information.
The New Normal
Summer 2015
Assists in the understanding of what life’s “new normal” looks like after diagnosis.
Patient Reported Outcomes
Fall 2018
Educating patients about the direct benefits of asking questions about their care.
Biorepository Informed Consent
Summer 2021–Summer 2022
Educating patients about the biorepository informed consent process.


Summer 2015
Combating parents' uncertainty when their child receives a cancer diagnosis.
Family Connections Center
Fall 2015
Re-imagining the cancer patient hospital experience to nurture comfort, education and entertainment.
Liberty Campus VR Tour
Spring 2016
Engaging patients and families to become familiar with the Liberty Campus before their first visit.
Oncology Handbook
Spring 2017–Spring 2018
Helping patients and families navigate their journey and better understand their treatment.
Remote Patient Care
Summer 2017
Engaging patients undergoing treatment to offer them better care outside of the hospital.
Digital Navigation Suite
Summer 2018
Introducing patients and families to CBDI and explaining expanded services to help them navigate their cancer journey.
What is Research?
Fall 2018
Educating on the importance of research as a way of finding new treatments and impacting patients.

Inpatient Experience

Electronic Treatment Calendar Hub
Summer 2015
Improving the patient therapy calendar to enhance the staff and patient experiences.
Fall 2015
Teaching the basics of what a patient may experience with diet while going through treatment.
Fertility Preservation
Fall 2015
Teaching the importance of fertility preservation as a possible resource and different types of available procedures.
ADL 1-2-3 Device
Spring–Fall 2016
Engaging and empowering patients to take ownership of their own physical activity and hygiene.
Sperm Banking
Fall 2016
Explaining and educating patients on the process of sperm banking prior to chemotherapy.
Feeding Tubes
Spring 2016
Explaining feeding tubes and the different kinds that may be used during treatment.
TPN Feeding and Nutrition
Summer 2016
Educating about the importance of nutrition during cancer treatment and TPN feeding as an option.
HPV Vaccine
Fall 2015
Creating an educational video about the importance of the HPV vaccine.
Fall 2015
Creating an educational video about the process of cryopreservation.
ADL 1-2-3 Video
Summer 2017
Introducing the ADL 1-2-3 device and why it is important for patients to be engaged in their treatment.
Rounds Notification System
Fall 2018
Making daily rounds more efficient and effective while capturing the unique needs of the patient and family.
What is Proton Therapy?
Summer 2018
Creating a holistic video explaining the process of proton therapy.
CAR-T Cell Therapy
Spring 2019
Explaining the scientific process of engineering CAR-T cell therapies and its impact on the patient and family.
ADL 1-2-3 Device 2.0
Summer 2019
Increasing patient adherence and motivation by expanding on the original ADL 1-2-3 device to an application.
AYA Physical Activities
Summer–Fall 2020
Improving the well-being of AYA patients during COVID-19. Created a toolkit featuring three activities: Trail Map, QR Routes and Virtual Reality.

Outpatient Experience

Remote Patient Monitoring
Summer 2015
Utilizing remote patient monitoring to improve patient experience.

Post Treatment

Female Fertility
Summer 2016
Continuing effective communication around female fertility post treatment and during cancer survivorship.
Cancer Survivorship
Summer 2017
Keeping young adults engaged in healthcare after cancer treatment.
F&I Readmission
Fall 2017
Explaining what infections look like for an immunocompromised patient and how they can better understand their fever readmission.