Denture Care

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

P&G's Fixodent brand collaborated with the Live Well to identify new product and service solutions for their oral prosthetic wearers. The multidisciplinary team mapped key themes which were important to consumers and developed product proposals from these areas of opportunity.


Identifying Opportunity Areas

Live Well's multidisciplinary team mapped key themes to understand what quality, ease of use, confidence, and cleanliness meant to consumers. In-home interviews helped the team to determine how dentures fit into consumer lifestyles and consumer debrief cards were created to document the denture-care journey. At the end of this phase, findings were visualized and the following areas of opportunity were identified:

Desire to Simplify

“Features fatigue” leaves consumers confused. The end product needs to fit into the users' complex lives so that it can become a natural part
of their day-to-day routine.

At-Home Dentist

Consumers favored manual brushes, but shifted to power brushes to avoid dental bills. They also sought more homeopathic solutions, which included using vitamins and minerals and favoring organic products.

Product Personalization

Consumers desired personal attention in every market. Aging consumers collectively had oral health needs that weren’t being addressed, and aesthetics were found to be very important in the decision-making process.


Concept Development

Through careful observation and sensitivity to user needs, the Live Well teams were able to identify eight product solutions. We’ve included four of these product solutions below:

Denture Flexi-Cups

Sterile, disposable denture bath cups, which come pre-lined with a cleansing powder.

Oral Pain-Relieving Treatment

This set of 12 medicated, spot-relief applicators help to soothe gum pain associated with wearing dentures.

Click Adhesive Pen

On-the-go, discreet adhesive dispensers, which turn at the base to easily dispense adhesive.

Dispensing Pen

This pen dispenses a cleansing tablet neatly into the cleansing cup with the press of a button.


Final Concepts

These concepts were refined through a series of consumer validation and co-creation sessions. The final outputs are unique solutions that range from product design principles to tools used for gathering and interpreting consumer data.


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